Home Office – a NEW Management Culture is needed NOW

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It will not be possible to reverse the changes in our working world even after the pandemic. The home office, frowned upon by many managers, can no longer be turned back so easily.

The great mistrust towards employees, home office is abused, is still based on the assumption that a physical presence in the office equals efficient work! By no means!

Apart from the employees who have to get to grips with this work of work, the challenge for the executive floor is much greater. The simple delegation of tasks, the control of results no longer works in the traditional way, but the focus on results becomes the only benchmark!

Of course, abuse of home office freedoms is possible, to the same extent as “not working” in the office! For managers this means a “cultural change”!

But how do I approach this. Leaving the employees to themselves is a suboptimal solution. On the contrary, contact with individual employees in a regular and efficient manner becomes central to the success of the collaboration.

Every manager should find out for himself what is necessary to best compensate for the deficits of home office. Likewise, it is certainly very helpful to offer the employees appropriate assistance.

Here, external consulting can be an important step towards a successful implementation of the new forms of cooperation. Get advice from experts who have long been forced to use online media to shape cooperation in a global context.

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