Sustainable implementation of strategic ambitions

In times of global change, changing customer needs, rapidly changing competitive conditions, it is essential to have a clear idea of the company’s direction. The understanding of the economic framework, the availability of appropriate resources and the own positioning in the market gives the strategic direction.

The creation of a strategy is usually the easier part. The sustainable implementation and staying on the ball is the challenging part. As a rule, the operational business then takes up a large part of the management capacities and the daily focus on the customer makes the implementation of the strategy take a back seat.

Setting realistic goals that can be measured over time can be an important help here. This sounds simple, but unfortunately it is often neglected in reality. Above all, this also includes implemented “change management”: How do I deal with changed framework conditions? Do I actively incorporate them into the schedule and take the time to do so, or is the strategic plan after 6 months already like yesterday’s newspaper?

The implementation of achievable goals and a sustainable support of the implementation with ongoing measurement points is a very successful method to objectively measure the success of a strategic implementation.