Especially in the current time “Leadership” is in demand. The known habits are changing and it is obvious:
We will all have to deal with “uncertainties”, “not knowns” for a long time!

This phenomenon is by no means new and already very intensively described as VUKA. Volatility, uncertainty complexity and ambiguity are clearly in the foreground especially in times of change.

What is under the fog cover?
What changes in the framework conditions will directly affect our organization?
As a leader, I can certainly show, changes cannot be planned and definitely require short-term adjustments.

As a “leader” I have to address these conflicts with plannability and uncertainty and not sweep them under the carpet. Involving the team, very intensive communication and also working out alternatives are the most important elements here. Those affected must become participants and jointly shape the change under given framework conditions.

Since the “coffee machine” as a point of communication at “home office” times is eliminated, the informal exchange must be significantly intensified and you, as a manager, can contribute to keeping the team spirit alive by providing “free space”.

Take the time and plan the changes!

Right now, alternative courses of action are needed that show the way for the future in addition to the operational business!