How can I develop myself by supporting others

This time of the Year is a typicall time to think about yourself and your objectives. We are living in fast changing times and flexible approaches are required more than ever. However some parts will never change! You need to be very conscious about your own behaviour and the effects on your team!

The success of your team is your success! So caring about your team is caring about you!

What are the thre key elements you need to consider?

  • Lead by Example

  • Show Emotion and Empathy

  • Care about Conflicts and help to solve them

You need to convince your team about your honesty, your endurance and your loyality.

Living the thre key elements mentioned gives confidence to your team and will be a key motivator to start the journey for success with you

Desmond Tutu is one of the best leaders who showed these qualities in a very motivating form. In one of his speeches he gave us a very important inpression about his principles:

  • You need people around you; without them, there is nothing
  • If you forgive people, you help yourself
  • Looking forward and work togehter shapes the future

The message of Desmond Tutu helped me to set the right focus for myself and my work.

What about your personal purpose?
Where do you want to head with your team and yourself?

Maybe this idea will help you as well to shape your way forward!

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