Experience meets Innovation

The manifold experiences of Dr. Thomas Schneider’s many years of professional experience can only be illustrated with a few highlights!

For the following list, we would be happy to provide corresponding references:


  • Application Development within the SW & Banking Industry (i.e. e-Banking, Web, Call Center, Credit, Compliance etc.)
  • Setting of SW Development Standards (Classic, Iterativ, Disciplined Agile, Agile)
  • Introduction of Testing Standards, Change- and Release Management

Project Management

  • Introduction of uniform processes using standard SW instead of 28 different procedures for 3000 employees
  • Strategic change from individual SW to SW products
  • Project Management of various projects (local, global with order volumes in the double-digit-millions)

Leadership Experience / Coaching

  • Leadership experience on different levels in national and international context with up to 3000 employees
  • Multinational corporations, SME’s, professional leadership
  • Human resources development combined with building up / downsizing / relocation of resources
  • Onshore / Nearshore / Offshore
  • Strategic definition and strategic implementation

Commercial Mediation / Project Support / Project Supervision

  • SKWM / SDM certified Commercial Mediator
  • Focus on IT / Project specific mediations
  • Project Support / Project Supervision in different variations (Advisory Board, Proejct Assessment, Pro-active Project Support)

Ad Interim Management

  • Management for listed SME with approx 300 employees
  • Team leader / technical management for business-critical application with 20 employees

Change / Innovation Management

  • Digization
  • Introduction of SW standards
  • Inovation assessment of new technologies such as blockchain
  • Co-operation with Swiss universities (HSG, ETHZ)


  • Close networking with subject matter experts
  • Co-operation agreements with partner companies for additonal resource requirements / specific expertise